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Cargo insurance is a type of insurance which covers physical damage to, or loss of your goods while they are being transported by land, sea and air. This is a very important aspect of companies involved in trading of good (export / import) and even logistics companies involved transportation within the country.

It is rare that individuals need this insurance. More than individuals, import and export companies are in need for this insurance because they transport goods in great volumes and sometimes of greater value.



SLB Global Logistics has good relationship with prestige insurance companies in the country who are members of famous insurance group such as Lloyd, UK Insurance… So we are able to help our customers arrange of cargo insurance and survey as an extra non-profit service.

Our parter are Insurance Company as below :

  • Bao Viet
  • PJCO
  • AIG
  • BIC
  • ……………….



With support from liner, global network partnership and professional team, we are able to offer reliable worldwide services.


Safe and on time delivery is our primary concern. Our team of over 20 dedicated professionals has the talent and experience to provide the right solutions.


With our professional team, we always update to you the details of your shipment and care it as our shipment.


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